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Any information transmitted by the User to CERDOMUS through this site, including, but not restricted thereto, messages, suggestions, ideas and creative ideas, projects, suggestions, data of any type, results of commercial and marketing surveys ("Transmitted Information") shall be considered as non confidential.

The transmission of any Transmitted Information shall be considered as an irrevocable free-of-charge transfer by the User to CERDOMUS of all and any right held by the User regarding the said Information. Consequently, CERDOMUS may freely use, in any form and by any method, the contents of the Information or part of the same, and shall therefore not be obliged to: (I) keep the Transmitted Information confidential, (II) pay sums for the use, in any form or by any method, of the Transmitted Information.

The User guarantees that the transfer in favor to CERDOMUS of the Transmitted Information and the use of the same by CERDOMUS does not in any way violate, in whole or in part, the rights of third parties including, but not restricted thereto, of intellectual and industrial property rights, of personality rights, and of property rights, and is not tantamount to a breach of industrial or commercial secrets.

Therefore, the sole party responsible for the contents of the Transmitted Information shall be the User who transmitted them. In particular, the User shall protect CERDOMUS against any claim which third parties may vindicate in connection with rights of any kind and, especially, regarding the Transmitted Information.

As per the sense and effect of Art. 13, Italian Legislative Decree 196/03 commonly known as personal data Privacy, CERDOMUS s.r.l., with registered office in Castel Bolognese, Via Emilia Ponente 1000, in its role as Data Processing Owner, is required to provide you with information on how your personal data will be processed. In particular:

This information is provided only at the CERDOMUS s.r.l. website accessible at the following address:, and not also at the other websites that may be consulted by the user through links;CERDOMUS s.r.l.. does not possess and does not intend to acquire or process personal data which are defined by the law as “sensitive” and/or “judiciary” as per the sense and effect of Art. 4 letters d) and e) of Italian Legislative Decree 196/03;
Types of data processed
a) You have a free choice in regard to providing the Processing Owner with your personal data or not. Your explicitly voluntary transmission of e-mail to the address indicated in this website and your filling out of the electronic form entitled “Information” for requests regarding: the use of our services or activities proposed through our promotional offers, advertising material, cost estimates and supply of goods and/or services, entails our gaining possession of your address and any other personal data entered in the message and/or electronic form;
b) Internet navigation data
The computer systems and software procedures used for the operation of this website automatically acquire certain personal data because the transmission of the same is required by the use of Internet communication protocols (traffic data c.d.). Although these data are not collected for the purpose of identifying the sender, their processing and association with other data owned by third parties may permit such identification. This category of data includes: IP addresses or dominion names of the computers connected to the website and the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of the resources required, the day and hour of request, and other parameters regarding the user’s operative system and IT platform, etc..

An IP address is a number automatically assigned to your computer every time you connect to Internet through your Internet Provider or company network using the same Internet protocols. The IP address is used by websites to send you the pages requested.
This address is not directly associated with an individual person because it is often dynamically assigned to the user by the respective Internet provider or masked by the company’s firewall.
This address changes every time that you connect to Internet and only your provider or company can identify the user to which such address was assigned during any previous connection sessions.
IP addresses are therefore anonymous data for us because they cannot be simply associated with any given user; traffic data are used only to obtain anonymous statistical information on the use of the website and to check its correct operation, and could be used only in case of ascertaining responsibility in hypothetical cases of computer crime or damage to the site.

By visiting , you can scroll pages in anonymous form and obtain access to certain information without revealing your identity;Cookies are not used for the transmission of personal data and so-called “persistent” cookies – in other words, systems that can be used to trace users - of no kind are used;
In order to improve our website, we use cookies to conserve traces of passage. A “cookie” is a reduced entity of data transferred to your browser from a web server and can be read only by the server that made such transfer. A cookie is not an execution code and does not transmit virus .Almost all browsers are initially programmed to accept cookies. You can configure your browser in such way that it notifies you whenever you receive a cookie and lets you decide whether you wish to accept it or not (for some web pages that require authorization, cookies are not optional, in the sense that users who choose not to receive cookies will most probably be unable to access those pages);
Personal data associated with the web services offered by this website (physically placed in “hosting” at CERDOMUS s.r.l.) are processed at the headquarters of the Processing Owner using manual procedures (e.g. on paper) and/or through electronic and/or telematics instruments. Specific measures are taken to prevent the loss, illegal or incorrect use of data and unauthorized access; your personal data are used only for the delivery of the goods or service that you expressly requested;
Your failed, partial, or inexact transmission of such personal data for the purposes above may make it impossible for us satisfy your request whenever such data are required. The processing of the respective personal data does not require your prior consent.
The personal data that you have provided are disclosed to third parties only when necessary for the purpose in question. In addition to communication made in fulfillment of the obligations specified by law, European Community regulations or standards, personal data can be communicated in Italy and/or abroad to various parties and categories of parties, such as: other companies in our Group, public Authorities or Institutions, IT and company consulting companies, in-house and/or external professionals and companies that supply services and consultancy (for example: in the accounting, fiscal and legal fields); other providers of goods and/or services necessary to satisfy your needs, companies operating in the transport sector; and parties whose rights to access such data have been granted by law and secondary regulations;;
The categories of parties who may, according to their roles of data processing manager or appointee, within the scope of specific tasks assigned, and in compliance with the instructions received, come to the knowledge of personal data are our staff and/or our collaborators specifically authorized to process such data for the achievement of the objectives indicated above or IT system maintenance operations;
Your personal data will be processed for the entire duration of the contractual relationships established to the extent that they are necessary in order to achieve the objectives for which they were originally collected, and also subsequently for the transmission of commercial communication;
The disclosure of your personal data is not envisioned. Your personal data may be disclosed, however, in the event of the issue of summons and court injunctions or during trials and for the exercise of our rights in defense against accusations;
Your personal data may be disclosed for investigating, preventing, or taking of legal action in regard to suspected illegal or fraudulent activities and other situations that might pose threats or violate the terms and conditions of our website, or whenever requested by public Authorities;
if you do not want your personal data to be used to receive promotion messages from the undersigned company on the products and services available, indicate your decision at the moment of supplying your personal data by clicking the respective box provided in the electronic data collection form;
Your rights:
As per the sense and effect of Art. 7 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/03, anyone who supplies personal data has the right in any moment to obtain confirmation of the existence of the same and to learn their content and origin, check their exactitude and request their integration and updating or correction;
The Article above also specifies your right to request the cancellation, transformation of such data into anonymous form, the freezing of any data processed in violation of the law, and even to oppose processing on legitimate grounds;
In order to exercise your rights and/or obtain more-detailed information on the parties or categories of parties to which such data are communicated or those which may come to the knowledge of the same in their roles as Data Managers and/or Appointees, you may contact the Processing Owner by sending a request by letter addressed to CERDOMUS s.r.l., via Emilia Ponente 1000 – 48014 Castel Bolognese (RA) by e-mail to, or a fax to 0546-50010.

These Conditions are exclusively regulated by Italian Law ("Applicable Law"). Any dispute concerning these Conditions and the use of the Site shall be regulated by the Applicable Law and shall be the exclusive competence of the Bologna Court of Law ("Competent Court of Law"). The use of this site entails the acceptance of the Applicable Law and the Competent Court of Law.

The partial nullity of the Conditions, or the nullity of individual clauses of parts of them, shall not lead to the nullity of the entire Conditions; the null clauses or parts shall be replaced by right by mandatory legal provisions.


Disclosure pursuant to Arts. 13 and 14 of EU Regulation 2016/679 and of Italian Legislative Decree. 196/03, as amended