About us

About us

Since 1969, in our unique land.

Cerdomus was founded in 1969, along the centuries-old Via Emilia, between Bologna and Faenza, the capital of Italian artistic ceramic. A land rich in culture and passion, for a Company committed to offering unique and original collections.


Shape and function: we observe the world around us, the nature and its harmonies, the evolution of living styles and their transformations. We collect the inspirations and transform them into new collections to live torough their beauty and quality in each new project.


The steps of our path


Cerdomus is born: a business venture which soon becomes a dynamic industrial
reality, driven by development, growth and international expansion.


Cerdomus opens a factory to complete the transition from double-fired
enamel tiles to rapid single-fired white paste ceramics.


Cerdomus begins making porcelain stoneware in a brand new factory equipped
to produce a material with superior aesthetic and technical characteristics.


The introduction of new technology, with double pressing, double colour mixing and patented machinery
designed to our own specifications, increase our differentiation against our competitors.


Cerdomus enters the digital era with the introduction of digital technology
for better-than-ever decorative effects.


Cerdomus opens Cerdigitiles, a futuristic digital production facility which incorporates
new high-definition machinery into an already ultra-modern production process.


A complete polishing line has been installed. Unique in the world, the system has been designed in collaboration with leading companies in the sector. Once again, innovation is the driving force behind our company's decisions.


The future has already begun. Experience, passion and new Technologies. We are designing the ceramics of tomorrow