Our Plus

Our Plus

Experience, talent and passion.

Cerdomus knows the porcelain: a unique material completely revolutioned trough the digital technology. Find out the values that express our attention and care concerning foors and walls with the best aesthetic versatility. Quality and technical features are constantly tested to meet the highest international standards.

Digital 7 plus Latest generation digital lines for exclusive ceramic and material effects. We recreate natural veins that sink into the surfaces, enhancing every nuance, for an ever more truthful realization, even to the touch, as in nature.
3rd generation
Third-generation polished tiles, for superior brillance. Thanks to innovative machinery and consistent application of valuable raw materials, polished surfaces have extraordinary brillance and transparency.
HQ-Multi Format A paving pattern used since ancient Rome, it recreates an aesthetic code that originates from the word Opus, from Latin “work”. Available in several variants, this laying was used to assemble formats of different sizes in order to make a homogeneous and logical arrangement in space, following a precise pattern with aesthetically balanced proportions. Always a strong feature of Cerdomus, HQ-Multi Format laying is made possible through careful management and meticulous production configuration. The modular format sets are supplied with harmonised gauges and tones.
20 mm The extra-thick stoneware that allows different installation methods: resting on grass, gravel or sand. Raised or glued to a screed for floors that can even be used by cars. Resistant and beautiful.
Large Formats The charm of graphics that develop with luxurious designs. An added value to design spaces in a new and unmistakable way, with important surfaces in both smooth and matt finishes expertly selected from our collections.
Bookmatch The set of 4 pieces with specular grain, assembled by hand one by one, is the expression of Cerdomus' technical ability. Synonymous with the highest quality and maximum aesthetic result, it replicates the precious and rare composition obtained by cutting particularly selected marble blocks.
A new technology that enables the creation of non-slip surfaces that are soft to the touch but have a high dynamic coefficient of friction R11 A+B+C . Our research into innovative materials and techniques has achieved results that meet the most stringent international slip resistance standards. At the same time, the cleanability and maintenance of the product have been improved, with unchanged technical and aesthetic characteristics, Perfect for projects that combine design and purpose with great versatility. Safe Technology is performance and comfort in safety, always
An extraordinary inventory of finishes and processes, which reveal all the aesthetic and technical potential of ceramic. An elaborate set of surfaces, for every project requirement and intended use, to be combined indoors and outdoors.