Producing means creating without destroying because the territory demands respect and attention.
In these fifty years the great investments of Cerdomus were aimed at:
• innovate through new technologies in one energy efficiency and sustainability perspective;
• use raw materials and organize targeted processes to contain the effects induced by the production activity on the environment and on man;
• reduce the environmental impact and pollution;
• improve the environment and working conditions;
• obtain the most important environmental certifications;
• guarantee a relationship of transparency and clarity towards the final consumer


Value System

Building beauty also means making the environment in which we live more beautiful. New processes and technological innovations have changed the production system of our company. Attention to the environment has become an act of social responsibility as well as individual sensitivity.

Waste management

Gaseous emissions, water consumption and wastewater, production residues, energy consumption and noise are subjected to strict quality controls. Cerdomus plants are able to reuse all waste powders and tiles, raw or cooked, the dust from gaseous emissions separated in purifiers and waste deriving from water treatment processes.


Certified products

Cerdomus products meet the parameters of the most important international certifications and are also recognized by the Ceramic Tiles of Italy brand.

System certifications


All Cerdomus factories and products have EMAS certification. This means meet the levels of environmental excellence required under the most stringent European standards.

Environmental Management System certification. Under the requirements of ISO 14001, our company’s activities are constantly monitored to ensure that their impact on the surrounding environment is kept to a minimum.

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized standard applicable to all (private and public) the organizations that voluntarily decide to comply with it, and which defines the terms and mode of a quality management system implementation. Therefore, a certification according to this standard guarantees the commitment of Cerdomus to monitor and manage all its activities in order to increase the effectiveness of business processes, control and optimize costs, improve the level of customer satisfaction and reduce waste.

Products certifications


Cerdomus products meet different requirements of the LEED (Leadership in Energy andEnvironmental Design) standard: a set of sustainable building requirementswhich rank the energy and environmental efficiency of buildings. Effectively,it's a ratings system for green buildings. Under the LEED system, pointsare awarded for each sustainability requirement which is met. The point scoredetermines the degree of certification awarded to the building.

Cerdomus products contribute to earn LEED points since they contain over 40% of recycled materials and fall within the class of materials that emit a low amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Light coloured Cerdomus collections also minimise the impact on the microclimate of floors, tiling and external roofs(heat island effect) since they show a suitable solar reflectance index.

Under a new scheme introduced by Confindustria Ceramica, the Ceramic Tiles of Italy mark is designed to promote Italian-made tiles and impose transparency in the indication of the origins of products. The Ceramic Tiles of Italy mark confers a strong visual identity which strikes the perfect balance between Italian tradition, quality and imaginative flair. More than a brand logo, the Ceramic Tiles of Italy mark is an emblem which gives visibility and prestige to Italian-made ceramic tiles – with more impact than promotional and advertising campaigns, media and image communication, trade shows and institutional initiatives can ever achieve. By displaying the Ceramic Tiles of Italy mark on their products, certified companies can put a powerful and concise image that attests to the distinction and excellence of Italian-made at the service of their own sales forces.

To display the CE mark, producers must meet a range of requirements, specified in regulation 305/2011, on the safety of construction materials. Note that the CE marking attests to "conformity", not quality: certified products must be “safe” (i.e. in conformity with requirements), regardless of their commercial quality (e.g. first- or second-choice tiles).

Product safety certification required for exports to China.

Most of the Cerdomus collections have obtained the SQM mark (Saudi Quality Mark) owned by SASO (Saudi Arabia Standard Organization) necessary to export to Saudi Arabia. It guarantees the conformity of the quality of the products to the rigorous Saudi standards through continuous checks of the requirements, periodically monitored by accredited external laboratories and confirmed through inspections by certifying bodies working on behalf of SASO.

The sector-wide average EPD is an Environmental Product Declaration, certified and independently verified, which transparently conveys the environmental performance of Italian ceramic tiles throughout their entire life cycle. Cerdomus is included in the list of companies that have participated in sectorwide studies.