Our research

Our research

Today. With the values that have inspired Cerdomus from its birth.

Creativity, passion and research: a journey stretching over 50 years, though remaining faithful to its core values. With the same pleasure of working together, improving every day


a wonderful timeless yet technological material

Cerdomus has always focused energies and investments to offer exclusive collections, capable of inspiring new projects or renewing existing ones. We produce superior quality porcelain stoneware: formats with unique combinations and surfaces in terms of character and personality. Technology to excite.

the spark leading the way, with a design approach

Our internal team is constantly engaged in independent research activitiesly, to intercept and anticipate new design trends. We are never satisfied with what's ordinary: our goal is to create original products, with an exclusive feeling. This is why the Cerdomus collections are a value that lasts over time.

that transform an idea in a practical tool and a style proposal.

We study living and design trends. We interpret these countless stimuli, even different from each other, and elaborate them in our original way, through aesthetic and technological research paths. We develop colour, decorations and finishes sets, creating tools for dressing interiors, exteriors and architectural elements.