Cerdomus s.r.l. focuses on saving and reducing energy consumption by optimizing its production setup and certifying its manufacturing processes: a saving which, in simple terms, means a decrease in gas emissions into the atmosphere. Ongoing investments in technological revamping of its manufacturing process aim to reduce polluting emissions and generate a saving of  resources. When Cerdomus s.r.l. processes its products, it minimises gaseous emissions, water consumption and wastewater discharge, and  production waste, energy consumption and noise levels are all subjected to the Group's strictest quality control standards. Cutting-edge technologies generate savings and recycling of raw materials from renewable sources.


Part of the waste generated during our production processes is returned to the production cycle. All non-ceramic waste is sorted before removal by specialist external firms. The tile industry is now able to recycle most of the waste it produces. The Cerdomus production plants are able to recycle all raw or fired discarded tiles and dust, and dusts from gaseous emissions separated by gas cleaning washers; the waste/residue generated by water purification processes. This brings savings of raw materials and eliminates relative waste disposal costs.

green tile

Producing means creating without destroying, for the environment deserves respect and attention. At Cerdomus, we seek to harmonize our activities with the environment that surrounds us. We use technology that reduces pollution and environmental impact. We invest in safety in the workplace. And we work to establish a clear and transparent rapport with our consumers.


Cerdomus products meet the requirements of the leading international certifying bodies: including ISO 14001, EMAS, and ECO LABEL. And since they're made with at least 40% content recycled materials, our products also meet LEED requirements. Our products are also certified by Ceramic Tiles of Italy.


For Cerdomus s.r.l., ecological awareness is a matter of ethics, something which guides our relationship not only with the environment but with people. The place where Cerdomus s.r.l. has existed and operated for the last 40 years is ours: our air, our earth, the place where we grew up and where we're bringing up our own children: it's a place we love profoundly, and because we love it we try to look after it every day. Over the course of our 40 years of existence, new processes and technologies have changed the way our company makes its products. Labour relations have evolved too, and so have the aspirations of the people who work for us: environmental awareness is no longer the preserve of a few enlightened individuals but a social responsibility which is shared by all. All of us now know that our resources are not infinite, that the earth which supports us requires respect and care, and that there are many things a company can do to harmonize its activities with its surrounding environment. Today, it gives us satisfaction to think that to produce means creating without destroying. And to create things of beauty is to make our environment more beautiful. Over the 40 years of our existence we have significantly invested in:

innovation through new technology, at the service of energy efficiency and sustainability

using raw materials and organizing processes designed to limit the effects of our activity on the environment and the people who live in it

reducing environmental impact and pollution

improving the environment and working conditions

obtaining the leading environmental certifications

working to establish a clear and transparent rapport with our consumers.


EMAS (based on ISO 14001:2004)

All Cerindustries S.p.a. factories and products have EMAS certification. This means they meet the levels of environmental excellence required under the most stringent European standards.




Cerdomus products meet different requirements of the LEED (Leadership in Energy andEnvironmental Design) standard: a set of sustainable building requirementswhich rank the energy and environmental efficiency of buildings. Effectively,it's a ratings system for green buildings. Under the LEED system, pointsare awarded for each sustainability requirement which is met. The point scoredetermines the degree of certification awarded to the building. Cerdomus products contribute to earn LEED points since they contain over 40% of recycledmaterials and fall within the class of materials that emit a low amount ofvolatile organic compounds (VOCs). Light-coloured Cerdomus collections alsominimise the impact on the microclimate of floors, tiling and external roofs(heat island effect) since they show a suitable solar reflectance index.




Under a new scheme introduced by Confindustria Ceramica, the Ceramic Tiles of Italy mark is designed to promote Italian-made tiles and impose transparency in the indication of the origins of products. The Ceramic Tiles of Italy mark confers a strong visual identity which strikes the perfect balance between Italian tradition, quality and imaginative flair. More than a brand logo, the Ceramic Tiles of Italy mark is an emblem which gives visibility and prestige to Italian-made ceramic tiles – with more impact than promotional and advertising campaigns, media and image communication, trade shows and institutional initiatives can ever achieve. By displaying the Ceramic Tiles of Italy mark on their products, certified companies can put a powerful and concise image that attests to the distinction and excellence of Italian-made at the service of their own sales forces.




To display the CE mark, producers must meet a range of requirements, specified in regulation 305/2011, on the safety of construction materials. Note that the CE marking attests to "conformity", not quality: certified products must be “safe” (i.e. in conformity with requirements), regardless of their commercial quality (e.g.  first- or second-choice tiles).




Product safety certification required for exports to China.

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