Cesare Biancini, son of the sculptor Angelo Biancini, founds Cerdomus Ceramiche with a group of friends and associates: a business venture which soon becomes a dynamic industrial concern driven by development, growth and international expansion.


Cerdomus begins making vitrified stoneware in a brand new factory equipped to produce a material with superior aesthetic and technical characteristics


The introduction of new technology, with double pressing, double colour mixing and patented machinery designed to our own specifications, increases our differentiation relative to our competitors.


Cerdomus inaugurates its new showroom: a facility entirely dedicated to interior design, with specialist consultants on hand to give advice.


Technological innovation, dynamism, product research, a passion for design and working in partnership with builders and designers: for over forty years Cerdomus has projected made in Italy style and quality on the international markets. Cerdomus is a leading producer of vitrified stoneware tiles whose manufacturing expertise and consolidated technological know-how make it a company capable of setting trends in contemporary interior design, building partnerships and working with designers, offering products which are at the vanguard of technology, and winning the preferences of clients all over the world.


Cerdomus opens a factory allowing it to make the transition from twice-fired enamel tiles to rapid single-fired white paste ceramics.


The new factory is enlarged and a new office headquarters is built: a two-storey metal-and-glass structure, with relief decoration in hand-made brick based on original designs by sculptor Angelo Biancini.


Cerdomus enters the digital era with the introduction of digital technology for better-than-ever decorative effects.


Cerdomus opens Cerdigitiles, a futuristic digital production facility which incorporates new high-definition machinery into an already ultra-modern production process.

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